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onze toren, jouw spits

Come build with us!

From April to the end of June, you can help build St Rumbold’s spire in Mechelen’s old fire station. Not a real spire of course, but one made of sturdy, sustainable pasteboard. A whopping 70 meters high! So as high as the one originally planned for St Rumbold’s Tower.

Did you know that the spire will be five metres higher than the MAS in Antwerp? So gigantic!

How are we going to pull this off? The spire will consist of pasteboard parts which will be fitted together later. But we can’t build this spire on our own. We need your help.

Are you a dab hand with a paintbrush or power drill? Would you like to try your hand at folding large-scale origami? Or perhaps your skills lie in wood or metal working?

Become a Tower Builder! Join Mechelen citizens and help build this extraordinary spire from April to the end of June. Click on the button and choose your workshop.

I will be a Tower Builder

Aspire is a collective, today led by Sven Verbruggen and Martijn Megens. It  creates a support base for strategic projects associated with co-creation. The collective conceives, organizes and implements these projects.   

‘The St Rumbold’s Tower Spire’ project has multiple ambitions, both artistic and cultural: to fuel the imagination in the public space; to make cultural production the subject of broad debate; to involve as large a group of people as possible; to launch a collective memorable spectacle; to initiate interventions with a strategic second-life story. By the latter we mean using the parts again afterwards to build more inspirational installations in other locations.